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Publix Welcomes You to Your New Home

Congratulations Yessy! What a heart warming commercial spot for Publix!

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Dance on Fox

Congratulations Arcadian! And good luck!

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Chewy Customers Love the Selection

Congratulations to Sherry M! You saw this new commercial all the way in Ireland! Man, those classes at The Studio are really working! Go Sherry!

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Fast & Furious: Supercharged Primavera 2018

Congrats to Nick for being upgraded from extra to lead Dad and getting all the edits! That's a "Fast and Furious" way to make an impression!

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Disney Toy Story Billboard


Check out this new billboard placement for Disney featuring Brook Eneas and family! 

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Universal's Volcano Bay Campaign


Baileys was fortunate enough to book talent on the first Volcano Bay campaign for Universal! What was exciting is they used slides from the old Wet-n-Wild that had actually been shut down and digitally recreated the new Volcano Bay landscape! Pretty exciting! Click here to check it out!



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Epcot International Festival of the Arts


The incredible Yessy R., Thomas W., and Rasheeda I. and her son had fun at our festival of the arts shoot.

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Mercury Insurance Sci-Fi Convention

This is our fun Mercury insurance commercial using Yessy R and Bradley M as the 2 principles. This is when being an actor in Orlando is fun! Yessy got to live out her fantasies of being a space-age bounty hunter and Bradley was in prosthetic hair and make up for over six hours… How fun ...congrats guys!

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Someday Starts Today - Cardiac

I am so proud to share this commercial with you. We booked a wonderful 61-years-young actress nicknamed Lola on this commercial.

I'm not only proud at how beautifully this was shot but I'm also proud that, being over 51 myself and going through a major health and fitness transformation, the message of this commercial is true. 50 is the new 30, 60 is the new 40, and 70 is the new 50. :-) Your future, your fitness, your health is in your hands. Exercise and eating right is the fountain of youth!

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Publix - Anniversary

This is the beautiful, talented and young at heart Karlie M. This was literally her first audition ever! I love Publix commercials because of the film style that they shoot in. This commercial is one of my favorites!

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